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Enterprise Cloud

Welcome to the Swiss Cloud with the following enterprise features

  • Secure, virtual data centres with all virtual machines accesible exclusively through a VPC Firewall
  • Virtual networking for complex enterprise server and data segmentation
  • Multiple redundant data centres to setup high availability and business continuity solutions
  • Compliance: ISO 27001, ISO 27018, FINMA 2008/07 compliant processes
  • Very secure world class data centres located 100% in Switzerland


Safe Swiss Cloud’s Enterprise Cloud Computing refers to a computing environment residing behind a firewall that delivers software, infrastructure and platform services to an enterprise. Our Enterprise Cloud Computing offer is based on an Enterprise specific Virtual Data Center (VDC) or Software Designed Data Center (SDDC). It consists of one or more Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs).

Highly Secure

Our cloud infrastructure is hosted 100% in Switzerland which guarantees highest data security by technical arrangements as well as legal restrictions based on Swiss data privacy laws. Those circumstances allow for strong data protection for individuals and companies. Enterprise cloud computing also provides the capacity for flexible data security policies, where security decisions can be made based on a variety of factors including: the user’s role within the enterprise, the user’s current access location, the type of data or application being accessed by the user and the type of device being used.

Flexible and Elastic

Safe Swiss Cloud’s Enterprise Cloud Computing offers many benefits to an organization, including superior speed and performance for IT resources, more efficient utilization of IT resources, lower IT infrastructure costs, lower IT operational costs and increased capacity to handle peaks in demand for IT resources, like web applications and services. The VPC provides support for Linux, Windows (including cloud licensing), BSD and other operating systems, as well as for basic software infrastructure like databases, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), content management systems (Wordpress, Drupal, etc.), Ecommerce and collaboration suites.

Business Continuity Management

Safe Swiss Cloud is taking into account the need for business continuity management has grown rapidly, driven by both the regulatory compliance requirements and the stakeholders' demands. Safe Swiss Cloud’s objective is to minimize the disruptions in business in order to maintain high trust and confidence in the organization.

  Virtual Servers / vCPUs  Virtual Storage Virtual Networks
OPEX yes yes yes
High Availability

reboot in seconds

D/R cold & hot standby, mirrored

RAID (data saved 3 times on different disc systems)

2 different internet providers

2 different dark fiber connections between data centers


2 fully redundant data centers connected via 2 different dark fibre connections

Highly Secure Firewall protected
Safe Swiss Cloud has no access to the virtual private data center (except when customer uses our managed service)
ISO 27001 Certified: Safe Swiss Cloud has been certified by TüV for this IT Security Management standard.
ISO 27018 Safe Swiss Cloud has been audited by TüV to be compliant with this standard of best practices for cloud security when processing personally identifiable information (PII)
FINMA 2008/7 Safe Swiss Cloud has been audited to be compliant with the Swiss Financial Regulator FINMA's guidelines for IT outsourcing.


Benefits at a Glance


It is usually easier to get approval for operational expenditure (OPEX) than capital expenditure (CAPEX) for IT equipment, because:

  • No hardware or computing resources on the balance sheet
  • No depreciation
  • No need for lengthy justifications
  • No monthly review of system utilization
  • No need to refactor computing resources after project completion
  • For the cost of a cappuccino a day, a user can access their own dedicated server
Flexibility & Elasticity

Cloud can provide the following to help meet capacity needs in a short time:

  • Elastic web farm to support 1,000 to 10,000 users based on business need
  • The ability to move from private to public networks on a whim to test new applications
  • The ability to temporarily expand storage to support a marketing campaign or event

One of the key differentiators for a company relates to its ability to be first to market, such differentiators correlate to speed of execution for which examples are provided below:

  • Virtual resources adapt more easily to business objectives requirements
  • Rapid expansion of bandwidth speed as needed
  • Access to solid-state drive (SSD) technology on-demand enhances application speed
  • No red tape - cloud effortlessly adapts to technology landscape changes
Audit & Compliance

Audit and compliance is probably one of the biggest burdens on any IT organization. Fortunately, cloud can help in the following ways:

  • Cloud vendors’ service level agreements (SLAs) ensure that all audits and compliance activities are logged, monitored and audited to the customer's satisfaction
  • Cloud providers are regularly audited by third party organizations to ensure that security standards are met
Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

BCP truly showcases one of the many benefits of Safe Swiss Cloud and how it can serve as an extension of our customer's IT and business. BCP enables:

  • Disaster recovery with cold or hot backup
  • Disaster recovery with high-failover or high-redundancy
  • Data backups
  • Testing and verification of recovery procedures