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The IT industry is in the middle of a fundamental change. Cloud-based services are replacing traditional IT-solutions rather sooner then later. Forward looking companies embrace this change to profit from the opportunities created by big-data analytics, ubiquitous mobile usage and the social media. 

Safe Swiss Cloud offers you new and attractive revenue channels. Your services in combination with our infrastructure offers you news opportunities to leverage your client relationships and gain traction in new markets.

Build Your Own Cloud

Build your own fully white labelled cloud.

Use on of the following options to build your own cloud:

  1. Turnkey VMware cloud.
  2. Turnkey Openstack cloud.
  3. Bare Metal hosting: rent servers with rackspace and run the cloud software of your own choice.
  4. Bring your own network or we can get you started with very good Internet connectivity.


Software Companies

Solutions that make a difference.

Partner with us to connect to new markets.

With Safe Swiss Cloud's compliant infrastructue, you will be ready to provide GDPR compliant services.

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Advice that matters.

Safe Swiss Cloud clients often require advanced support in the areas of security, cloud engineering, capacity planning, cloud architecture, migration and implementation.

Are you an expert in one of these areas?

Partner with us to develop exciting solutions for our clients and explore new opportunities.