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Safe Swiss Cloud introduces multi-users functionality

Our customer is able to involve his team members in the process of the Safe Swiss Cloud VDC account management. 
Our customer, as VDC holder  is a Parent user. Via the Safe Swiss Cloud Portal a Parent user is able to create one or more Sub-users. Each Sub-user will obtain access to his Safe Swiss Cloud Portal sub-account.

We provide two different levels of access for:

  • technical staff
  • accounting staff


The difference between Accounting staff Sub-users and Technical staff Sub-users are described in the following use case table

  Use case Technical staff Accounting staff
1 Sub-user has the possibility to see/create/edit all tickets related to the parent customer account (VDC holder) Yes Yes
2 Sub-user has accesses to the Usage table with Total resource cost per month. Yes Yes
3 Two-factor authentication (TFA) Yes Yes
4 Sub-user has full access to VDC account owned by VDC holder (parent customer) Yes No
5 Sub-user can add VPC and VR to VDC via Safe Swiss Cloud Portal tools Yes No
6 Sub-user can change his user password to VDC via Safe Swiss Cloud Portal Yes No
7 Sub-user has the possibility to change billing information. No Yes
8 Sub-user has the possibility to request a currency change (CHF/EURO). No Yes
9 Sub-user has the possibility to change/add a discount code (Gift code). No Yes
10 Sub-user has the possibility to change/add a new credit card. No Yes
11 Sub-user has access to the list of invoices. No Yes

Note! All use cases mentioned above are also available for the Parent user.

How to create a sub-user?

In order to create/edit a sub-user, the Parent user needs to:

  1. go to the  Manage account>>Sub-users tab of his customer account menu;
  2. press the "Add sub-user" button;
  3. define: Username, e-mail address, password, role, personal information;
  4. check " Notify user of new account", if the sub-user needs to be notified. If this check-box is selected, the new sub-user will receive a confirmation about his Safe Swiss Cloud sub-account with a one-time login link.
  5. specify the default language;
  6. press "Create new account" button.

If a Parent user already has one or multiple sub-users, he will see the table with the list of the current sub-users: