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How to set up the Two Factor Authentication (TFA)?

Two Factor Authentication functionality is optional and available for any user at the "Two-factor authentication settings" page :

A user may activate or deactivate the TFA.

When navigating to "Two-factor authentication settings" page (via menu or via link), the user sees:

In order to activate the TFA, the user needs to click on the "Set up SMS delivery" link.

After the password confirmation the user sees the page where he can enter his mobile phone number:

If the user enters his mobile phone and presses "Send SMS", he receives the verification code. This verification code needs to be entered in the next window:

In the next step the user gets to the list of recovery codes, which can be used in emergency cases (no mobile, ect.).

The user can save these codes somewhere or skip them.  

The idea of the recovery codes is that the user can enter these codes instead of an SMS code. The recovery codes can be used if the user does not have access to his mobile phone.

As soon as the TFA is activated, the client sees the page like:


The user can reset SMS delivery, view unused recovery codes, get new recovery codes,  disable TFA:
 If the user skips the recovery codes, he can get the recovery codes later.