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How customers can cancel/ enable their Safe Swiss Cloud VDC account?

How to cancel a Safe Swiss Cloud VDC account?

In order to cancel the Safe Swiss Cloud VDC account, the customer needs to go to his User page (Manage account>>Account) at the Safe Swiss Cloud Portal.

  1. At the bottom of the page the user has to go to Account cancellation section and press the "Cancel account" button (not available for Accounting and Technical staff sub-users).
  2. If  a customer selects "Cancel account", the confirmation request to cancel his account will be sent to the customer's e-mail address.
  3. Then the customer may cancel his Safe Swiss Cloud VDC account by clicking the link sent with e-mail (or by copying and pasting this link into his browser).
  4. If  the customer opens this cancelation link successfully, his Safe Swiss Cloud VDC account becomes inactive.
  5. In the following 15 days the customer can still login to his Safe Swiss Cloud Portal account and enable his Safe Swiss Cloud VDC again.

How to enable a Safe Swiss Cloud VDC account, if it was cancelled by its owner?

If the Safe Swiss Cloud Portal account of a customer has not been blocked permanently by the Safe Swiss Cloud administration, a customer may enable his Safe Swiss Cloud VDC account by clicking on "Enable account" button at his User page (Manage account>>Account).

If the Safe Swiss Cloud VDC account  was enabled successfully, the customer is again able to login to his Safe Swiss Cloud VDC account.

Note!  If a customer has running Virtual Machines (VMs), these VMs are stopped after cancelation. A customer might start the VMs again after re-activation of his  Safe Swiss Cloud VDC account.