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How can I get an additional public IP address?

Additional Public IP addresses are usually added to the Virtual Router which guards each Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Each Virtual Data Center has at least one VPC.

We recommend adding virtual machine (VM) instances to an internal network segment of the Virtual Router of a VPCs. The VM instance will have a private IP address. After obtaining an additional public IP address, setup port forwarding or a static NAT from the Virtual Router to the VM.

To add a new public IP address follow this menu trail:

Network > Select view: VPC > Click Configure next to your VPC name

Now you will see a graphical representation of your VPC (Virtual Private Cloud):

  • On the Router click the box: N PUBLIC IP ADDRESSES
  • Now click the button "Acquire New IP" in the top right hand corner.

You will need to setup a static NAT or Port Forwarding rule to an internal virtual machine instance of your choice in order to allow traffic to the new public IP address to reach its intended destination.