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How can I create a template?

In the Safe Swiss Cloud Control Panel:

  1. Click on the VM you want to create a template from.
  2. Stop the VM. Templating functionality is only active when the VM is stopped.
  3. Click "View Volumes"
  4. Click the "Root Volume"
  5. The + icon is the "Create Template" function - click on it.
  6. Give your template Name and Description.
  7. Make sure that the correct operating system is selected. If your version of the operating system is not shown, please choose the closest version.
  8. If you have implemented Reset Password feature, please make sure that you check the checkbox "Password Enabled". For instruction on how to implement the Reset Password feature in your template, please check official CloudStack guide:
  9. Please make sure the rest of the checkbox fields are not checked.
  10. There is a notification when the template creation completes. You can do other things in the control panel in the meantime.
  11. After completion, the template will be available in the "Add Instance" wizard and the Templates menu.