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Cloud Products and Services

Quality, Support and Full Control for Customers

At Safe Swiss Cloud, the customer is in full control of their infrastructure: they can create and manage their resources themselves. Our products provide the customer with access to their infrastructure via GUI and API.

Safe Swiss Cloud is setting new standards in quality, with our latest generation cloud technologies running in our own highly secure data centres, in Switzerland. For example, all our storage is 100% clustered SSDs for the fastest performance and the highest reliability. And all this at the most competitive prices.

Support is always just a phone call away with options for business hours or 7x24 support. We recognise that this is essential for customers who want to run business critical applications in the cloud.

No Lock In

Safe Swiss Cloud ensures customers can move their work loads between their on premise installations, Safe Swiss Cloud and other public cloud providers. Support is available to help our customers move their work loads. An example of our commitment to supporting a hybrid world is that we don't charge extra for outgoing or incoming traffic - customers are able to choose the appropriate bandwidth and adjust it as needed.

Banks, software and healthcare companies from all over the world trust us with their mission critical computing requirements. Data safety has become absolutely essential to ensuring that users feel confident that their health, financial and other data gets the privacy it deserves.

At Safe Swiss Cloud, ensuring privacy is the core of our mission and our compliance certifications attest to the quality of our infrastructure and organisation. Our infrastructure is GDPR compliant - our ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 compliance attests to this.


  1. Openstack Cloud: setting new standards in performance, reliability and flexibility
  2. Openshift Cloud: containers on demand. Kubernetes and Docker based computing made easy with our state of the art Openshift offering.
  3. Enterprise Cloud - VMware: this is a totally private and dedicated offering per customer. It is usually customized to meet the complex architecture and performance requirements of our customers.


Our cloud products are backed by a number of managed services as well as setup and migration services.

  1. Managed Services: these standard services provide monitoring, backups and security patching for a number of our products including servers (Windows and Linux), databases (MySQL, MSSQL etc.), networking and lots more.
  2. Setup services: we setup or help you to setup your cloud infrastructure
  3. Migration services: need to move work loads between Safe Swiss Cloud, on premises and other public clouds? This service is for you.

What you can expect from us

Safe Swiss Cloud offers a 100% European cloud (based in our own Swiss data centers) which is an excellent foundation to comply with GDPR laws. Our customers appreciate the maximum in agility and flexibility Safe Swiss Cloud offers, backed by local support, privacy and ISO certified compliance.
Our cloud solutions are designed to meet demanding architecture and performance requirements. We can custom engineer solutions e.g. by combining dedicated hardware and virtualised resources to optimize performance, security and compliance. We are able to deliver custom designed cloud systems to meet complex architecture and software deployment requirements which pure virtualized environments are unable to meet.

Swiss quality and European data protection

Safe Swiss Cloud’s servers run in its own European data centres – 100% in Switzerland. Our data centers, connections to customers and Internet peering are implemented through our own smart network, which is designed to ensure stability and maximum uptime.