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Managed Services

No risks, no headaches

We will get you up and running and keep it that way:

Setup One time We will setup your cloud infrastructure for you
Migration One time We will migrate your current infrastructure to Safe Swiss Cloud
Technical Support Recurring

Answers to all technical questions about Safe Swiss Cloud services: computing, templates, networking, storage, disaster recovery, security etc.

Managed Infrastructure Recurring

Manage operating systems (Linux or Windows), databases, LAMP, VDI, CMS etc.

Take care of backups, restore on demand, monitoring.

Managed Databases Recurring We backup, manage, patch and monitor your databases.
Disaster Recovery Recurring Maintain a "standby" set of servers for customers to mirror their production servers to. In case of a catastrophic failure of the main IT infrastructure due natural calamities, accidents or other causes, the customer can switch their production environment to the Disaster Recovery instance quickly. No time consuming data restoration is needed.