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Enterprise Cloud - VMware

This solution is custom built for each customer to accommodate their complex IT architecture and requirements as well as high performance environments with a certain minimum size. It provides the flexibility to run operating systems of the customer’s choice, configure software defined networking and add dedicated/”bare metal” hardware to a cloud cluster and lots more.

Who is it for?

This product is ideal for larger enterprise installations with the following characteristics:

  • relatively stable workloads with a minimum of 25 VMs
  • highest compliance requirements
  • need maximum performance

This solution provides the ability to custom engineer dedicated infrastructure environments. Safe Swiss Cloud works with its customers to find solutions for special security and network architecture requirements.

Examples are:

  1. Banks
  2. Healthcare organisations
  3. Software service providers
  4. IT Service Providers


This offering provides excellent price for performance, based on a reservation of computing resources for a certain amount of time. Additional hardware resources can be added and subtracted as needed.

The “on demand” cloud (Virtual Data Center) product can be used to complement this offering, when a lot of flexibility and instant access to resources is needed.

The main characteristics of this offering are:

  • Predictable and high performance
  • Highest compliance and privacy standards, very high security
  • Customer's own environment: 100% dedicated hardware and networking resources for each customer
  • Dedicated private network and Internet connections
  • Based on industry standard VMware cloud technology
  • Managed Services: various Safe Swiss Cloud services for managed operating systems, databases and other standard products like MS Exchange are available.

Special Computing / Custom Engineering

With this product, we can customer design the hardware and networking to meet special requirements like GPU computing.