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At Safe Swiss Cloud our mission is to re-invent enterprise cloud infrastructure by making it really easy to use while using our Swiss location to meet our customer's compliance and privacy requirements under Swiss law and EU regulations.

Switzerland has a reputation not only for privacy, but for delivering quality which in our case manifests itself as reliability, accuracy, innovation and being there for customers with 7x24 support.

Company Registration

Safe Swiss Cloud AG is incorporated in the Canton of Zürich in Switzerland. Official registration details can be found here.

Research and Development

We engage in research and development projects supported by the Swiss government with our partners at the Institute of Applied Information Technology (InIT) at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences with the goal of continuing to deliver advanced security and cloud innovation to our customers.

Enterprise Cloud

We recognize that enterprise customers are looking for much more than the ability to just start a number of virtual machine (VM) instances. Safe Swiss Cloud customers are just as easily able to start software defined virtual routers (VR), virtual private networks (VPN), isolated network segments, load balancers and lots more with a few clicks instantly.

No waiting for hardware - create servers and network equipment and start working with them within minutes.

Our Story

Our journey began many years ago with the quest for finding a much more efficient way to manage our IT Infrastructure. Our initial experiments with virtualization showed us that while we could easily create 100 VMs on 20 dedicated servers, we now had 120 servers to manage. Cloud technology was the answer to mastering this challenge and we decided to start sharing success in taming this beast with enterprises looking for solutions to similar problems.

In 2012 after converting all our IT infrastructure to be managed with the help of industry standard Cloudstack technology our system administration effort decreased dramatically, while increasing our ability to easily create new servers and virtual networking equipment.

We have been providing reliable cloud computing since 2012 and today we make the full functionality of our enterprise cloud available to our customers: full access to APIs and a powerful web based graphical user interface (GUI).

The response from our customers has convinced us that it is possible to deliver state of the art IT Infrastructure solutions and create value in the heart of Europe, in Switzerland.

To find out more about Safe Swiss Cloud:

Contact us here or call us at: +41 43 541 5704

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