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Enterprise Cloud. Agile. Swiss. European. Compliant.

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Virtual Data Center

  1. General purpose computing
  2. Best flexibility
  3. SSD Storage

Openshift & Docker

  1. Docker & Kubernetes
  2. Dedicated cluster customer
  3. Full admin access

Private Cloud

  1. For Complex Architectures
  2. Performance and security
  3. Custom Engineering

Our Customers

  1. Banks, asset managers, financial services
  2. Software & hosting
  3. Industry, engineering, technology
  4. From Switzerland, Europe, Americas

Managed Services

  1. Setup & migration
  2. Windows and Linux servers
  3. Databases, Networks and Routers
  4. High availability and Disaster recovery

Swiss, Secure, Compliant

  1. ISO 27001 certified (Security)
  2. ISO 27018 compliant (Privacy)
  3. FINMA 2008/7 compliant
  4. Swiss data protection laws

From our Safe Cloud Blog

Faster, More Efficient, Better: What Banking Applications Can Do with Containers in the Cloud

Containers and microservices have revolutionized the deployment of enterprise software. Only one industry still behaves very sluggishly when transferring your applications to cloud containers: banks and financial service providers. But there are also successful counter-examples.

Study shows: OpenShift leads to faster development and lower costs

At Safe Swiss Cloud, we hear from software developers time and again that with dedicated Openshift clusters, the benefits of deployment in the cloud can be perfectly exploited. Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service OpenShift enables faster development, deployment, monitoring and scaling of applications in docker containers. The feedback is almost always similar:

Insights: How to prepare VMs for OpenShift Deployment in a Cloud Environment

Deploying OpenShift to the cloud as opposed to bare metal, is an ideal way to get up and going quickly, being particularly well suited to development and test environments where instant resource availability and flexibility is key. A great way to smooth the path to a successful OpenShift deployment is by using automation.