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Safe Swiss Cloud Developer Program

Join the Developer Program!

We are partnering with developers who want to:

  1. Use the Safe Swiss Cloud platform to develop and deliver their software solutions.
  2. Resell the Safe Swiss Cloud offerings under their own or the Safe Swiss Cloud brand.
  3. Offer Private Clouds for their customers.

What does the program offer?

  1. A special free developer account with advanced cloud management functionality.
  2. A listing in the Cloud Market powered by Safe Swiss Cloud. You will be able to sell your SaaS solutions here. We will provide the billing systems and marketing - just bring the software solution.

Who qualifies to join the developer program?

Software developers with projects that use the cloud as a delivery or development platform.

Why is Safe Swiss Cloud interesting for developers?

Safe Swiss Cloud is a powerful and flexible self service platform that gives developers maximum flexibility to script their deployments all the way to the infrastructure level. The available functions include:

  • Access to the powerful CloudStack API to automate infrastructure
  • Use the Cloudmonkey command line tools to script deployments and maintenance tasks
  • Use the powerful graphical user interface (GUI) to perform ad hoc tasks
  • Setup up your own Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) with their own virtual routers, load balancers, firewalls etc.
  • Use Safe Swiss Cloud's clustered file system to easily offer high availability solutions.
  • Backup storage mountable on a VM via NFS
  • and lots more.

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