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European Enterprise Cloud in minutes. Safe. Private. Easy.

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Swiss, Secure, Compliant

  1. ISO 27001 certification
  2. ISO 27018 compliant (PII)
  3. FINMA 2008/7 compliant

Enterprise Cloud

  1. For complex infrastructure
  2. Multiple data centers
  3. Business Continuity (DR)

24x7 Support

  1. 24x7 Hotline to help you
  2. Managed Infrastructure
  3. Managed applications

Virtual Data Center

  1. Everything defined in software
  2. High availability out of the box
  3. Predictable pricing

On Demand & Elastic

  1. Scale up or down immediately
  2. No long term contracts
  3. Pay-as-you-go

Virtual Networking

  1. Complex Enterprise solutions
  2. Virtual routers & firewalls
  3. VPNs & load balancers

Routers. Firewalls. Private Networks. VPNs. Load Balancers. VMs.

Virtual Data Center: all this and more


Request an Enterprise Cloud trial


When Privacy Matters

FINMA compliant IT Infrastructure for financial services, healthcare etc.

Business Critical IT

Compliant infrastructure in our certified data centres backed by 7x24 support.

Software as a Service

Implement reliable multi-client solutions using your favourite technology stack or toolset.

Banking / Financial Services

IT infrastructure without the hassle: fast, flexible, secure and compliant.


Highly available web infrastructure which scales with traffic.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

The business continuity and disaster recovery program every company can afford.


Tackle seasonal peak loads smoothly in a secure, private and scalable environment.

IT Services

Discover new business opportunities as a Safe Swiss Cloud Partner.

Development and Testing

Create new products with your favourite technologies and tools. Ideal for DevOps.